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Harmony Kids Yoga

Yoga & Mindfulness for

 Calm & Confident Kids!

Harmony Kids Yoga & Mindfulness

We BELIEVE in Wellness for Kids!

Harmony Kids offers children of all ages the gifts of lower stress, anger management, increased self esteem, lowered anxiety, improved concentration and focus, self awareness and confidence. Come laugh, dance and play as we celebrate all that is magical about Yoga & Mindfulness!

We BELIEVE in Mindful Classrooms

Creating a Mindful Classroom begins with us! Offering Teacher Trainings Professional Development Workshops and on-site School Programming for Schools and Teachers throughout the Lower Mainland.  The goal of in-school mindful movement is to improve classroom community and teamwork, build confidence, introduce mindfulness, improve self-esteem and develop self regulation through fun, creative, theme-centered yoga classes.  

Join us for a Workshop and learn to bring the peace and joy of Mindful Yoga to students everywhere! 

We BELIEVE in Empowering Parents!

 We offer tools to practice yoga and mindfulness at home together as a family. Connect with your child and create Harmony in the home. Practicing Yoga together offers loving connection, improved communication, healthy ways to manage emotions and life's challenges, improves focus and confidence and encourages loving relaxation time together to reduce stress and anxiety and come together at the beginning or end of a busy day. Laugh, connect, and play as a family with Harmony In the Home. 


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Harmony Kids Yoga

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Based in Langley, BC, Canada

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Harmony Kids empowers children with tools to cultivate inner calm, self awareness and joy!