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Yoga and mindfulness are activities that all children are capable of, and the benefits go far beyond the home and classroom. We empower children with tools to accept themselves and others. It starts with curiosity and fun, and transforms into kids who are empowered emotionally, physically and mentally.



There are questions we hear a lot from parents and teachers, wanting to know more about our kid’s yoga programs and whether or not it’s right for their children or students – we’ve compiled a list of answers to some of these questions below!


My child is overactive / can’t sit still – can they take yoga classes?

I’ve yet to meet a toddler who could sit still, and this phenomenon seems to persist well into the later years! Harmony Kids Yoga programs are inspired by kids, and based on the feedback of parents, teachers and the integral honesty of our students. In every class we move, dance, explore and grow. Mindfulness, centering and guided relaxation are concepts that benefit children of all ages and are introduced through appropriate activities.

My child isn’t very physically active – is yoga right for them?

Harmony Kids Yoga is for all kids, all ability levels, every body. It’s not about achieving perfection or rising competitively, and there are no medals or awards. Yoga is about personal growth and exploration of one’s own physical capabilities, in a safe, fun, supportive environment.

We’ve tried all kinds of activities already – how is yoga different than other sports?

While many organized sports do a great job of emphasizing inclusiveness, yoga is an activity that is available to all levels of physicality. It is about personal growth and challenging yourself in a way that is comfortable. This is a concept that’s unique to yoga, and it very well suited to a child’s development and growth.

Yoga and mindfulness activities are complimentary to many sports, helping kids to better manage the physical and physiological stresses of sports, school and life.

My child has special behavioural needs and gets anxious easily – can they still take group classes?

A big yes. The amazing benefits of self-regulation, calming, centering and a strengthened mind-body connection that yoga offers are particularly valuable to children with special behavioural needs like anxiety. We encourage self-exploration, expressiveness, and emphasis inclusiveness and acceptance in all of our classes and programs.

Isn’t yoga about flexibility and meditation?

Not kids’ yoga. Harmony Kids Yoga programs are age-appropriate yoga movement and mindfulness activities designed to help bring out the best in your child.

What are the main benefits of yoga for kids?

There truly are so many benefits that yoga and mindfulness provides. To mention a few:

  • Emotional Exploration: Yoga allows children to explore their own emotions in a safe and non- judgmental environment. Often children are told to ‘suck it up’ or ‘get over it’. Yoga allows kids an opportunity to explore their feelings, and to better understand them.
  • Mindfulness Practice: Mindfulness is an ancient Eastern practice that is only now becoming embraced by the Western world for the benefits it offers. Teaching children to honour and manage their emotions, and to be compassionate towards others, is a skill that will stay with them their entire life.
  • Enhanced Body Awareness: Yoga helps increase children’s self-esteem and appreciation of their bodies’ needs and capabilities while maintaining flexibility and building strength in their growing bodies.
  • Improved Concentration and Present Moment Awareness: One of the amazing benefits that yoga teaches children is the tools to calm themselves and manage their emotions. Kids are encouraged to be brought into the moment, focusing their concentration and builds confidence while cultivating a peaceful state of body and mind.
  • Stress Management Tools: It’s a fast-paced world out there, and kids are feeling pressure more than ever before. Thankfully, we are beginning to recognize the importance of providing kids with tools to help, including yoga, mindfulness and centering.
  • A focus on FUN: This isn’t solitary yoga – we encourage interaction and friendships and nurture creativity in ripe imaginations. We help children connect with themselves, with each other, with teachers, with specific events and places, and with the world.
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