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Yoga & Mindful Breaks for the Virtual Classroom

Children need to feel loved and supported during this uncertain time. Learn how easy it is to support to your students through mindfulness, movement, relaxation and breathing with this 80-minute video workshop.



• 5 Types of Mindful Awareness Exercises to combat difficult emotions, low moods, nervous energy, and negative thought patterns

• 3 Positive Energy Buster Exercises

• 2 Simple Mindful Check in Exercises (Mindful Mood Map and The Body Scan)

• 3 Gentle Movement Exercises

• Simple 5 minute check in activities to support students emotional needs

• 3 Fun Breathing Break Techniques

• 3 exercises for a Mindset Reset

• 5 types of kid-friendly Breathing to re-focus and calm

• 5 easy to lead warm up’s to move energy up and down

• Full Body Shake out Exercises

• Ways to Strengthen your Class Community

• How to use Mindfulness to support yourself first, so that you can then support your students

Also comes with a PDF Resource Booklet with recommended books, music, yoga cards, props and reference studies and articles to share with parents, administrators and colleagues.

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