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Mindful Transitions for Calm Classrooms

Join Jennie Abbot, Founder and Director of Harmony Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Company in this dynamic workshop designed to offer Early Childhood Educators the knowledge, skills and tools to create a calm classroom using mindfulness for kids.

Learn a variety of transition techniques to support children throughout the day in a variety of ways such as in the lineup, coming inside after outdoor activities or during an excessively high energy time. Attendees will be introduced to the concept of The Mindful Corner, a hands-on self regulation station where children can use calming tools such as breathing, movement and mindfulness independently when they are dealing with big feelings. The helpful transition techniques and creation of a Mindful Corner in the classroom will support educators in making their day run more smoothly and invite a peaceful classroom community.

Children's Mindfulness helps to develop essential tools such as self-awareness, improved confidence, self-regulation skills, and self-advocacy. These tools are gifts that can transform the lives of the children that receive them. Come join us for this fun and interactive workshop on how to use Mindful transitions to create your own calm classroom.

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