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Harmony in My Heart Relaxation Stories



Harmony in My Heart: Relaxation Stories for Preschoolers to Teens written by Harmony Kids Founder Jennie Abbot, is an essential resource for every parent and teacher who wants to support kids in calming their minds and learning how to find their peaceful place.

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Complete with Trauma Informed Relaxation Tips to make leading relaxation for kids easy for Parents, Educators and Healthcare Professionals!

The benefits of relaxation for kids include:

*Reduced stress

*Better concentration and focus

*Enhanced ability to learn

*Improved behavior and sleep

*Increased self-esteem

With four different age sections to choose from (Preschooler, Child, Tween, Teen) this book can grow with your child, or be used in a school or healthcare setting with a variety of ages.

Beautifully imaginative relaxation stories, support children in learning how to relax in ways that support their minds, bodies and hearts.

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