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Mindful You, Mindful Me

Product image 1Mindful You, Mindful Me
Product image 2Mindful You, Mindful Me
Product image 3Mindful You, Mindful Me
Product image 4Mindful You, Mindful Me
Product image 5Mindful You, Mindful Me
Product image 6Mindful You, Mindful Me

Learn simple ways to incorporate mindfulness at home in ways your child will love!

“The workshop was a very practical resource for any adult who is looking to support a child in their life to learn to manage big emotions in a healthy way and develop the foundational skills for emotional-regulation. I felt like I could create a mindful corner at home or in a classroom environment without having to access any other resources or go looking for any more ideas.” 

Alexia Gillespie, Founder of Strong Healthy Kids

Workshop Includes:

* Mindfulness explained

* Practices for Parents and Caregivers

* Tools for the Home

* How to set up a Mindful Corner

* Kid Friendly Breathing Practices

* Mindful Movement Activities

* Games for Connection and Focus

* Healthy outlets for Anger and Frustration

* Energy Busters for Rainy Days

* Workshop Guide with Resources and Tips

* And Much More (Plus a few Surprises!)

Regular price $30.00

Workshop is self-paced, available online through Thinkific and can be accessed from any device!

“Since we took the workshop I am able to now help curb my child’s tantrums before they become full blown more often. And a couple of times this week my child has actually walked away, gone to the mindful space, and come back calmly a minute or two later. I am sure a large part of it has to do with me taking a moment to pause before losing my own composure too - that has really helped me too.”

Jenna Gardner, Mom of three


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Partial proceeds of each Mindful You, Mindful Me Workshop will be put towards the KARMA PROGRAM, offering low income families free access to workshops provided by Harmony Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Co.

To nominate a family or apply for your own please click here.

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