Your child can watch this free Kids Yoga mini-class video.

(while you take a much needed break!)

Our weekly online Kids Yoga classes are still open for Spring registration!

These are scheduled weekly live online versions of the Kids Yoga classes we run from our studio.

A fun way to relieve kids' anxiety & stress.

Our kids yoga classes are designed to be fun, and encourage participation, build self-esteem and focus energy.

Online classes focus on age-appropriate movements and activities available to all levels of physicality. The main goal is your child's personal growth and challenging them in a way that is comfortable. Classes will leave kids feeling upbeat, and more connected to themselves and others.

<<< This video shows some of what you can expect in our classes!

Classes are organized by age group.

We know that the same poses and techniques won't work for all children, that's why our classes are broken into age groups 4-8, 9-12, 13-18.

Connect with other kids on a weekly basis.

Since kids are spending so much time at home right now, it'snice for them to be able to connect with their classmates for these classes. (benfit of human interaction. do we allow kids to chat for a few minutes before or after?)

Classes run at specific day/time during the week to help bring that sense of schedule and consistency into their lives again. 45 minutes

What parents are saying about our programs

“My child is more confident each day. She sees the importance of being active and making sure she does stuff like yoga to keep healthy."

“Our children are better able to regulate their emotions and utilize the breathing techniques and certain poses to return to a calm state of being.”

"These classes help to keep our children more relaxed & grounded - essential learning for any of us that want to manage our stress better."

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

After trying the online classes, if you decide it isn't for you, we will give you a full refund.

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