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Mindful Corner Relaxation Kit

Product image 1Mindful Corner Relaxation Kit
Product image 2Mindful Corner Relaxation Kit
Product image 3Mindful Corner Relaxation Kit
Product image 4Mindful Corner Relaxation Kit


Want to help your child relax? This Relaxation Kit is the perfect tool to bring relaxation to any child. Try using an eye pillow for 10 minutes each day, preferably before bed along with a Relaxation Story to provide your child with the ultimate mindful relaxation. Help to decrease stress, anxiety, worry, anger and fear and teach your child to come back to the peaceful place within where they feel safe and happy.

Bundle it and Save! SAVE $17 by buying this bundle (Based on individual product pricing)

This Kids Relaxation Kit contains two of our most popular items - the Imagination Book and Relaxation Eye Pillow.


Imaginations Book

Imaginations: Relaxation Stories and Guided Imagery for Kids is an essential resource for every parent and teacher who wants to help children learn to calm their bodies and relax their minds.

The benefits of relaxation for kids include:

*Reduced stress

*Better concentration and focus

*Enhanced ability to learn

*Improved behaviour and sleep

*Increased self-esteem

Learning to relax is important for people of all ages, and children who can relax are more prepared to handle big changes in their lives. Relaxation stories and guided imagery can also help ease symptoms associated with ADD, ADHD, autism, depression, and sleep disorders.

Wildly imaginative and beautiful illustrations accompany the whimsical stories of Imaginations 1, which teaches children a fun way to relax that makes their minds calm and their bodies feel good.

Comes with Relaxation Tips Booklet to make leading relaxation for kids easy for Parents and Educators!


Eye Pillow

Relaxation Eye Pillows are the perfect way to provide your child with the ultimate relaxation tool. This weighted eye pillow has a machine washable cover and is filled with natural flax seeds for a simple and very effective calming tool for your child.

Children love Weighted Eye Pillows because:

  • They are soft, colorful and inviting
  • They help to regulate your child’s nervous system, mood, digestion, and heart.
  • They give your child’s body and mind permission to relax.

How do Weighted Eye Pillows work?

  • Their light weight accesses the vagus nerve, which is the main component of the parasympathetic nervous system (overseeing mood, immune response, digestion, and heart rate.
  • They provide light acupuncture pressure resting on your child’s eyelids and sends a through the back or neck, through the chest and to the heart, telling your child’s body it can relax and feel safe and peaceful.
  • The light pressure on your child’s eyes triggers a reflex that lowers their heart rate and regulates their mood, allowing your child’s mind to rest and allows you to enjoy a deepest state of relaxation
  • They remove light and visual distractions sending a message to the brain that it’s time for the mind to be still.


Bundle it and Save! SAVE $17 by buying this bundle (Based on individual product pricing)


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