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Mindful Mini Kit

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Bring Mindfulness to the home or classroom! This mindful corner mini kit contains the tools you need to lead mindful breathing and improve focus and concentration with the child in your life! This package contains two of our most popular items: the mindful Singing Bowl and the Breathing Ball. Kit also comes with 2 instruction guides to make implementing these tools easy as pie!

Bundle it and Save! SAVE $19 by buying this bundle (Based on individual product pricing)

Singing Bowl

Your child will love this beautiful Singing Bowl! Singing Bowls are fun and versatile tools that promote focus, stillness and mindful exploration! Perfectly sized for children ages 2-18 years, kids of all ages enjoy the sound of it’s steady and calming tone.

Comes with Mindful Singing Bowl Tips Booklet to make leading mindfulness for kids easy for Parents and Educators!

Singing bowls are an excellent tool to help your child to relax. The sound frequency that your singing bowl creates helps your child to cultivate mental focus, practice present moment awareness, release stress and find inner calm. Focusing on the sound of the singing bowl creates a more positive state of being. This beautiful mindful listening meditation can be used to enjoy the sound of, relax with on your child’s tummy, pair with kid-friendly breathing methods or play mindful listening games together with friends and family.


Breathing Ball

Harmony Kids Breathing Ball is the perfect tool to introduce the concept of sharing deep, calming breathing techniques with your child to release anxiety, stress, anger and fear and help your child return to a natural state of inner calm and peace.

Breathing Balls can be used to demonstrate healthy breathing techniques and make leading breathing with one child or a classroom of children fun and easy! As the Breathing Ball grows and expands the child is invited to take a long inhalation and as the ball returns to it’s smaller size, the child is invited to practice a deep exhalation.

The Breathing Ball has many benefits including:

  • Calming the central nervous system
  • Releasing feelings of stress, anxiety, fear and sadness
  • Lowering blood pressure and stabilizing heart rate
  • Increasing concentration and focus
  • Evoking feelings of well being and inner joy

Your Breathing Ball comes with Harmony Kids Breathing Cards to make breathing fun and easy for your child!

*Colour of breathing balls may vary based on availability.


Bundle it and Save! SAVE $19 by buying this bundle (Based on individual product pricing)


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