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Mindfulness Matters

Are you a parent or caregiver that often feels like their lifestyle seems chaotic, hectic, or unmanageable? Do you and/or your child have the feelings of stress, anxiety, or worry? In this course we will explore different techniques of mindfulness through breathing, movement, and other mindful activities to help you and your child live a calmer lifestyle.

The Mindfulness Matters Course offers parents hands on tools to easily make mindful practices part of daily family life. Discover how mindfulness for kids and families can build stronger connections, playful and fun. You will learn a wide variety of tools and techniques to help you feel confident in introducing mindfulness to your child. Practices for Parents are included, to support parents in modeling the behaviour you wish you see in your child. A variety of ideas to support parents with daily mindfulness are shared such as journaling, intention setting, simple breathing, mindful movement and much more. Parents will learn the benefits of mindfulness for themselves and for their child so they are able to gain a greater understanding of the positive impact these simple practices can have on their child’s healthy development.

  • Learn daily mindful practices for parents and the importance of modeling the behaviour you wish to see in your child
  • Understand the benefits and importance of mindfulness for kids
  • Be fully prepared and know what to expect when sharing mindfulness for different ages and stages of childhood development
  • Have a variety of hands on tools to share with children that offer many healthy benefits while being engaging and fun
  • Learn a wide variety of different tools to customize a unique mindfulness plan that fits into daily life for kids of all ages

WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR: This presentation is appropriate for parents, educators, child care professionals, caregivers, and mental health professionals.

This course is available through our partners at The Institute of Child Psychology. Learn more by clicking the button above.

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